Special Sized Lite Board Game Sleeves (100ct) for 54mm x 80mm Cards

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For tabletop and board games, Ultra PRO offers two versions of our popular board game sleeves: our Regular and Lite. For players looking to keep their cards in the original board game packaging, we have created our Special Sized Lite Board Game Sleeves, a thinner, lighter sleeve that allows the cards to be stored in their original box.

  • Ultra-clear, archival-grade sleeves for board game cards.
  • This "Lite" version of our board game sleeves is thinner and easier to shuffle, while still protecting and extending the life of board game cards.
  • The Regular version of our board game sleeves (SKU# 82915) is another great option for thicker sleeves that provide extra protections.
  • The thin profile also helps to ensure that once sleeved the cards still fit back inside the original box.
  • Each pack contains 100-count sleeves.
  • Sized for 54mm x 80mm gaming cards such as Settlers of Catan.

*Please check your card size before purchasing.


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