Ultra PRO Renews Partnership With Zanzoon For Pokémon Electronic Games

Commerce, CA – Spring 2023 – The Pokémon craze that began over 25 years ago continues to grow, and with the partnership between Ultra PRO’s Entertainment Division and Paris-based Zanzoon, Pokémon fans of all ages can join in on the fun.

In 2021, the two gaming companies joined forces to introduce the award-winning Pokémon Trainer Trivia game and Pokémon Trainer Guess: Legacy Edition. In 2022, three additional electronic games were added to the line including Pokémon Trainer Mission, Pokémon Trainer Guess: Sinnoh Edition and Pokémon Trainer Challenge. The newest game, Pokémon Trainer Guess: Champions Edition will be available in stores and online this summer.

“Thousands of families in the US discover the magic of the Pokémon Trainer toys every week. Enthusiasm is only growing, and we are thrilled to renew our exclusive partnership with Zanzoon to offer this line throughout the US market. These toys thrive across all channels, from mass market retailers to the local Brick-and-Mortar stores, and we will see further growth in each sector over the upcoming years” said Ultra PRO Entertainment’s Vice President, Susan Lindsey.

This continued partnership allows Pokémon fans to test their Pokémon knowledge. Parents love the screen-free play as well as the endless replayability, while kids-at-heart love the nostalgia and collectible aspect. All five Pokémon Trainer Guess games, including the 25th Anniversary Legacy Edition, Kanto Edition, Ash’s Adventures Edition, Sinnoh Edition, and the newest Champions Edition are designed for fans ages 6 and up, and a full gameplay round can be completed in just 15 minutes. Each Pokémon Trainer Guess game focuses on a specific Pokémon region, generation, or theme, and challenges players to think of a Pokémon and answer questions to help Trainer Guess figure out which Pokémon the player is thinking of.

In Pokémon Trainer Trivia, players can test their Poké-knowhow by answering from over 1,000 trivia questions to determine who has the most Pokémon knowledge. With help from the virtual game master, the player with the most correct answers is declared the best Pokémon Trainer. This game can be played together with up to four players, or in single-player mode where beating one’s top score is the goal.

For Pokémon trainers as young as four, the handheld Pokémon Trainer Challenge device states a fact and challenges trainers to determine which of 2 given Pokémon the fact applies to. With over 300 questions and over 75 Pokémon from Kanto to Galar, Pokémon Trainer Challenge is a great game for new fans to help them learn and explore more of the Pokémon universe.

Pokémon Trainer Mission allows fans as young as five to use their electronic Pokémon detector and trainer map to go on missions to detect their favorite Pokémon. Following instructions from the device, children will run, jump, and crawl to catch various Pokémon. With over 40 missions and 65 Pokémon to catch, kids will stay active and on the move, providing a break from screens. The detector senses when a trainer is ready for a challenge and will increase the level of difficulty, keeping children engaged for hours at a time.
These Pokémon electronic games are available on Amazon as well as select retailers. To learn more about Ultra PRO’s Entertainment catalog, visit ultraprogames.com.

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