Will YOU Venture Beyond the Witchlight?

Written by Kevin Slackie


The world of the Fey has been closed off to 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons adventures until now. With the Wild Beyond the Witchlight expansion, players will get to explore the wonderful domain of Prismeer and its various realms Hither, Dither, and Yon. Crossing over to another realm can always be dangerous, but it’ll be easy to survive with the right tools. Just because it's a carnival doesn’t mean it's all fun and games.

Witchlight Collection | Ultra PRO International

The Feywilds might be an easy place to get lost, but our playmat with its rubber backing is sure to stay right where you need it during your perilous journey. Whenever you get a chance to rest, the soft fabric top also works as a decorative oversized mousepad. Of course both materials of the product help ensure that the playmat will help protect not only accessories, but also the table underneath them. When the world around you may not be what it seems, it's always good to have something reliable like our Wild Beyond the Witchlight playmat at your side.


If you truly want to set the mood for this new riveting D&D tale, there’s nothing better than our Wild Beyond the Witchlight Wall Scroll. Featuring the same vibrant artwork as the playmat and book cover, this silk finish piece is perfect for reminding players to follow the Rule of Hospitality. The Ultra PRO logo on the rod ends let you know this is the real deal. Both rod ends and the hanging cord are black to give a classic, yet subtle look. Just make sure your friends don’t get jealous or they might break the Rule of Ownership. Don’t be surprised if your wall scroll magically disappears.

Witchlight Collection | Ultra PRO International

While it's impossible to know what's around every corner, it's easy to be ready for it with our unique colored Feywild Dice. Three different dice sets come in an earthy color palette of green and copper, grounding the RPG in reality. These adorable polyhedrals can hang out in one of our d20 Dice Plush while you decide whether you’ll take the non-combat option to each encounter.  This dice mimic has a zippered center pocket that holds up to 50 of your most precious shiny number counters. Or if you prefer to go big or go home, you can convince your DM to let you roll our Jumbo d20 Dice Plush instead. Just make sure you don’t accidentally annoy the ArchFey with your antics. You may end up never adventuring into the FeyWilds only to never leave. 


All of these products are sure to make your home feel like a Domain of Delight for any tabletop player. Whether this is your first adventure or your fiftieth, let Ultra PRO Wild Beyond the Witchlight line set the mood and help create a memorable experience. Will the Witchlight Carnival make an appearance in your campaign? Are you excited for the return of classic Dungeons & Dragons characters? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the Wild Beyond the Witchlight with #UPyourgame