Unearthing the mystery of the new Murders at Karlov Manor accessories!

By Sara Cate Galasso 

Clue yourself in to the newest release of Magic: The Gathering accessories with the Murders at Karlov Manor collection!  Characters from across the realms are flocking to Karlov Manor, where the murder of Teysa Karlov has turned all of Ravnica into a potential crime scene! With an entire lineup of suspects and great accessories to choose from, it will be hard to point your finger at just one favorite in this murder mystery themed release, which includes a whole host of the usual tabletop suspects to discover, like Playmats, Deck Boxes and PRO-Binders, featuring vibrant artwork of well-known Ravnican Guild Leaders, fan-favorite Planeswalkers and brand new characters alike.

Seek out familiar faces on new Deck Protector Sleeves and Playmats like Kaya Cassir, Spirits’ Justice, the so-called Ghost-Assassin who knows a thing or two about dealing with the dead. Who better to help solve the mysterious Murders at Karlov Manor than someone who can become a spirit herself? Unless maybe Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth takes the case. What, you’ve never heard of him?!  Well, then sit back and watch the master at work on new accessories ! And is that Kellan, fresh from the Lost Caverns of Ixalan? He’s proven himself before, but he might have his work cut out for him if he wants to help solve this murder mystery. With so many new accessories to choose from, picking a favorite will be a real killer!There are more secrets to be revealed in this intriguing release of accessories, like the 9-Pocket Premium Zippered PRO-Binder, which features the Murders at Karlov Manor set symbol in a blue spot foil on a premium leatherette material, as well as the ten guild icons of Ravnica on the back. It may be true that the Guild Leaders have seen their share of backstabbing, intrigue and death, but how do they fit into the Murders at Karlov Manor? The mystery remains for now, but one thing we have sniffed out are the Guild Leader Frame Playmats, spotlighting six infamous Guild Leaders in a wonderful illustrated lineart style! Just don’t be fooled by the appearance of the obvious suspects, like Massacre Girl or Lazav. Just because some guilds have the reputation for gruesome murder doesn’t automatically make them the killers, right? (The Cult of Rakdos’s involvement is probably just a red herring, but Rakdos does make a pretty spiffy-looking playmat.)

And don’t forget the Table Playmats, with stunning isometric-style art of the Impossible Lands of Ravnica on larger-than-life 6- or 8-foot table mat sizes! Are there any clues to be found about the Murders at Karlov Manor in the artwork of these newest Impossible Lands? We have no idea, but they sure look cool! And do we detect a hint of shine on that Holofoil Playmat? The vibrant artwork, depicting (what we presume is) the gruesome scene of the crime itself, as well as the key players in this enigmatic whodunnit, is enhanced with a shining holofoil effect that is as mystifying as it is appealing! 

However Taysa Karlov met her end, there’s a lot to unearth in Karlov Manor, and just as much to discover when it comes to these tabletop accessories! Grab your magnifying glass and hunt down the entire Murders at Karlov Manor collection for yourself, available now!

And, if you’re looking to surround yourself with even more intrigue, then don’t forget to investigate the Murders at Karlov Manor apparel collection, which includes graphic tees for discerning detectives of all sizes. Whether you want to confuse the uninitiated with the Ransom Note tee, or make a bold statement at holiday gatherings with the Massacre Girl shirt, there’s enough Magic-themed mystery to go around for every fan in this collection! Check out the entire line, and grab a few tees while you're at it! With clothes like this, you’ll never have to solve the case of why your wardrobe is so drab again. 

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