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Written by Matthew Burwell

Here in 2022, the name of the game is color. After all, why store all of your TCG collectibles in a basic, boring binder that blends into the background? Let your personality shine through, and give your accessories the upgrade they so desperately need with the Vivid PRO-Binders! These sleek storage solutions, now available in 8 vibrant colors and 12, 9, and 4-pocket sizes, are the perfect way to make your storage solutions as unique as the collector carrying them. The padded leatherette covers and side-loading pockets ensure that once secured, your collection has the best protection available at home or on the go. Let’s make like a 6 year old at a finger painting party and get into these colors!


Blue is known as the color of wisdom and intuition, and sometimes, a little wisdom is all we need. Picture sitting across from your rival at the local game store; your deck is running low, as is theirs, and the intensity is dialed up to 11. You see them smile across the table; you know that next turn it’s game over, unless you figure out a way to win right now. You close your eyes and clear your mind, and it comes to you; the perfect play. You can still see them sitting in disbelief as you zip up your Vivid Blue PRO-Binder and leave with your head held high. And with light blue and teal colors available, you have plenty of blue options to choose from, so choose wisely!


Perhaps there’s a bit more passion in your play. Red is a vibrant, exciting color that sparks creativity and innovation. Maybe you’re swapping cards in and out to try and perfect your Chandra deck, or you’re just looking to organize your fire-type playset to give Blaine a run for his money and leave your opponents with a burn. Either way, the Vivid Red PRO-Binder is a fantastic option for lighting a fire beneath any TCG player.


Sometimes you’re looking for a little of column A, and a little of column B. We’ve had both red and blue so far, so why not try the best of both worlds and combine them! Purple is most often associated with mystery and imagination. Maybe you’re the type of player who likes to keep their opponents guessing; or, maybe you just like seeing people’s faces as you pull out a binder full of Bidoofs. Either way, be sure to bedazzle your foes with the Vivid Purple PRO-Binder.


Nature. Growth. Beauty and fury rolled into one. Green represents many things, including a significant upgrade to your storage game. Whether you are aiming to let your deck bloom and grow into something special, or looking to bring nature’s wrath down on your opponents, make sure to grow your deck and rejuvenate your style with the Vivid Green PRO-Binder.


Yellow indicates a cheerful disposition and positive outlook, which makes sense considering how you’ll be feeling after organizing your collection into the Vivid Yellow PRO-Binder. Don’t worry; unlike the sun, you can stare at this bright yellow binder all day long, and it’ll leave you smiling all the way to your next Friday Night Magic event.


Finally, we have a color that indicates sophistication and power. Black is a sleek, serious color, for those looking to make an impression (or strike fear into the hearts of their enemies). The Vivid Black PRO-Binder is a sleek, elegant solution for collectors who want to make their opponents remember the name. Even Professor Onyx would be jealous of your style while walking around with your collection wrapped up neatly in this elegant binder.


With all of these colors available in 12, 9, and 4-pocket Zippered PRO-Binders, there’s plenty of options available for every avid collector out there looking to elevate their style. Which only leaves one question; which style is right for you? Let us know using #UPYourGame

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