Learn from Burger Academy and Make The Perfect Burger for National Burger Day


We know it’s stating the obvious but, National Burger Day is a holiday made for the burger lovers among us. 

If you can’t resist the siren call of a juicy meat (or meatless) patty between two buns with all the best toppings then you are in the right place. 

We can never decide exactly what to put on our burgers, there’s so many amazing options. So this year we are going to let Burger Academy school us on how to build the perfect burger.

We know what you’re thinking.
How are we planning to do that? Burger Academy is an excellent game for kids that is super fun and secretly educational, but it isn’t a recipe book.   

And you’re right! Sort of. 

We are going to use the cards to tell us how to make our burger and then taste test them to see which one is the best!

Get Schooled by Burger Academy

Burger Academy has 5 levels of difficulty so that kids and family members of all ages can be challenged. Each difficulty level adds more toppings to the burger. You then bid on how many moves it will take you to build the burger by flipping and moving the burger ingredients around. The person that bids the least amount of moves has to attempt building the burger in exactly the number of moves they bid. 


This is where the secretly educational part comes in, building sequences is a core part of programming. And the ability to build an effective sequence in as few moves (or functions) as possible is an excellent skill to learn. We don’t know about you, but anything that teaches our kids something while they have fun is a winner. If you don’t have Burger Academy on your shelf then you better hurry and add it to your cart.

For National Burger Day ONLY you can get Burger Academy for FREE with a $35 games purchase. You’ll be ahead of the game when we drop the #PerfectBurgerChallenge this summer. 


So About Those Burgers...

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the burgers.

What makes the perfect burger anyway? We are of the opinion that every burger needs a patty of some sort and a bun. What those two things are made of is completely up to the chef. Anything else is just for decoration.

We drew five random cards, one from each difficulty level, and got to work.

The kids all gave their opinion on what we should use for the ingredients so things got a little silly. We ended up with 5 different bun styles and several different cheeses and leafy greens. One of those buns was a glazed donut.

Yes, you read that right,  a glazed donut bun.

As you can see, the kids had different opinions on whether the donut bun was a good idea. 

When making our burgers we made sure to stack them exactly like the Burger Academy Cards said, so if the cheese was under the patty we flipped the patty with cheese over. If there was no patty we didn’t add one. 

And here are the resulting burgers:

The Winner Is...

We all took a taste of the creations, and gave critiques just like our favorite cooking competition shows. 

But one burger stood above the rest.

Sort of like the Cronut that took the world by storm a few years ago. A juicy meat patty with two slices of melted sharp cheddar cheese sandwiched between two glazed donut halves,  the Burgut (Dougher?) is going to be the next craze to hit social media. We’re sure of it. 

Get ready for grilling season and the #perfectburgerchallenge, buy Burger Academy today!

What do you think makes the perfect burger?