Don’t Get Caught by Counterfeits!

For nearly 70 years, Ultra PRO has and continues to offer collectible storage solutions backed by our unresting dedication to quality which sets our brand apart from our competitors. Unfortunately, the current high demand for Ultra PRO products has opened the door for counterfeiters to infringe upon our brand and reputation, and take advantage of the collectors who rely on our quality. 

Every Ultra PRO product undergoes extensive testing to ensure they hold up to our quality, performance, safety, and hazardous materials testing standards. Unfortunately, counterfeit products both risk our reputation as a reliable provider of safe storage as well as compromise the safety of your collectibles. 

For this reason, we need your help! If  you have received counterfeit Ultra PRO products, please notify us at immediately. Any information you can provide as to where it came from, what it looks like, or how it feels will aid in our investigation toward removing these products from the market and safeguarding our community’s most prized collectibles. 

To best protect your community from harmful counterfeit products, we highly recommend ordering directly from our official partners. We firmly stand behind the quality of our products, but can only do so if the product is truly ours. Ultra PRO cannot be responsible for the replacement of counterfeit products, which is why we cannot express enough the importance of buying from a reputable dealer.

We greatly appreciate your help in the fight against counterfeit products. If you have any questions or concerns, our inbox is always open at