Bring Your Art To The Table On Your Next Playmat

Written by Reuben Bresler 

One of the best ways to showcase your passion and originality as a Magic player is visually through your choice of accessories. Ultra PRO offers a wide variety of excellent pieces featuring art from some of the world’s best fantasy artists… but why not add your name to the roster of fabulous talents with your own piece of art at your next Commander night?

Ultra PRO’s Solid Color Playmats are the industry standard in quality and durability. Each playmat comes with non-slip rubber backing for a stable non-slip playing surface, and each has a high quality soft fabric top that protects your cards and sleeves during play. But that’s not all: it also doubles as an excellent canvas to showcase your artistic talents! With 12 colors of playmat to choose from as your background aligning with other Eclipse accessories like deck boxes and sleeves, combining your artistic talents and a few permanent markers will turn your next playmat into the talk of the table. Or: bring a blank Solid Color Playmat to the next Command Fest or Magic convention and commission one of your favorite artists to create something totally unique.

The art of MTG is one of the facets that make it so unique. Over the past 30 years, Magic has brought the art of thousands of artists to the fore, illustrating more than 20,000 cards in that span. Each and every card features professional art painstakingly detailed and lovingly created, all for the honor of appearing on a few inches of cardboard. Some of Magic’s artists began as Magic fans, and have transitioned into creation for Wizards of the Coast. And some of those artists also have made some fabulous playmat art over the years, either as custom jobs or in an official capacity.

One such fabulous playmat artist is InklinCustoms, and as luck would have it Ultra PRO is partnered with InklinCustoms to help celebrate! InklinCustoms and Ultra PRO recently ran an exciting Twitter giveaway where 12 lucky winners got two playmats, one featuring original art from InklinCustoms and another blank Solid Color Playmat with which to do as they please. How fun! More partnerships and giveaways are coming, so stay tuned for your chance to win in the future.

Nothing could be more personal than a one-of-a-kind playmat, and an Ultra PRO’s Solid Color Playmat featuring art from you or one of your favorite creators is one of the best ways to showcase peak individuality!