5 Essential Supplies Every Outlaw Needs

Stake your claim on the latest accessories for Outlaws of Thunder Junction

by Sara Cate Galasso

Howdy there, pardner. Haven’t seen you around these parts before. Did you just blow in with the tumbleweeds? No matter; all sorts of folks have been showing up here from across the multiverse lately, what with the Omenpaths havin’ opened up and all. Thunder Junction sure is a lot busier than it once was. There have even been some rumors floating around the saloon about some good loot to be found —if you know where to search, that is. If you’re looking to stock up before you ride on out into the sunset, then saddle up! Here are five key provisions for Outlaws of Thunder Junction you should fill your packs with.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Marketing Art 9-Pocket PRO-Binder for Magic: The Gathering | Ultra PRO International

9-Pocket Premium Zippered PRO-Binder
If your collection is starting to look like the wild west, then it’s time to get organized! The Premium Zippered PRO-Binder is like the town sheriff of card binders: it may have swagger and style, but it also knows how to keep things safe and in their place. Each 9-Pocket PRO-Binder can store 360 sleeved cards in side-loading pockets, and zips closed for extra security, and the padded red leatherette cover has premium gold foil details so you can add a little jingle jangle to your game table. This premium PRO-Binder displays the Outlaws of Thunder Junction set logo, as well as the debossed silhouette of a certain notorious criminal gang seen roaming the streets here at the Crossroads. (Just keep your eyes forward and your mouth shut, and you won’t see any trouble from them.) 

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Gang Silhouette 105ct APEX™ Deck Protector Sleeves for Magic: The Gathering | Ultra PRO International

APEX Sleeves
Even the most unruly cowpoke knows not to leave their precious Magic cards uncovered and exposed to the elements. No, anyone venturing into the wild blue yonder needs some solid protection in their holster, so pull on your spurs and put those new cards into some APEX sleeves, pardner! APEX Deck Protector sleeves use the latest formulation for card protection that lasts, and feature bright, printed artwork on a textured back for a smooth shuffle like no other. Shuffling with APEX sleeves feels so lighting fast, you can dash through your decks faster than two dueling pistols in a high-noon showdown! 

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Loot Gamer Pouch for Magic: The Gathering | Ultra PRO International

Loot Plush Gamer Pouch
If your pocket just ain’t big enough for the likes of your counters and coins, why not lasso up this rootin’ tootin’ Loot Gamer Pouch? Standing six inches tall, this fluffy companion fits a full set of dice inside its zippered pouch, and makes a mighty cute riding partner, to boot! Plus, the included carabiner hook means you’ll never be far from your trusty plush compadre, so attach it to your saddlebags and fill this Loot with your loot!

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Gang Silhouette AR Enhanced Holofoil Standard Gaming Playmat for Magic: The Gathering | Ultra PRO International

Premium Playmats
There’s an entire stable full of Outlaws of Thunder Junction playmats to choose from, with designs that display wanted criminals like Tinybones, the Pickpocket and Olivia, Opulent Outlaw, to cowpoke Commanders like Yuma, Proud Protector and Stella Lee, Wild Card. But if you only go in for the premium loot, then you’ll want to ask around for the AR Enhanced Holofoil Playmat, which features exclusive holofoil artwork by Lie Setiawan, plus AR Enhanced Pinfinity animations of the Outlaws of Thunder Junction gang. Or, if a stitched edge is more your style, you’ll want to make sure Marchesa, Dealer of Death is at the table of your next poker game. For those who talk the talk and walk the walk, there’s even a 6ft Table Playmat to be found, featuring artwork of a notorious Train Heist, though playmats these big are not for the faint of heart (or short of table).

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Set Symbol and Gang Silhouette Alcove Edge Deck Box for Magic: The Gathering | Ultra PRO International

Alcove Edge Deck Box
Every cowpoke needs a homestead, and every Magic player needs a Deck Box. The Alcove Edge Deck Box is like a home on the range for your decks: practical, sturdy, and a sight for sore eyes. This side-loading Deck Box® holds more than 100+ standard size cards double-sleeved, and features multiple magnets and a latch closure to keep any unwanted varmints away from your precious cards. Fill it up with treasure and sleep soundly around the campfire knowing your valuable cards are stowed safely inside its premium leatherette walls.

If you’re looking to rustle up even more Outlaws of Thunder Junction loot for yourself and your posse, then be sure to check out the entire collection of tabletop accessories, available now!

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