12 Colors to Rule them All: Eclipse Collection Updates

Written by Reuben Bresler

Every gamer has an individual aesthetic they want from their gaming accessories, and no line of products allows for personalization and expression like Eclipse. To tally the total number of combinations one can put together with Eclipse sleeves, dice, deck boxes, playmats, and binders would dizzy the mind.


Eclipse Accessories | Ultra PRO International

Eclipse offers both gloss and matte finish Deck Protector® sleeves in 12 different colors, from Arctic White to Royal Purple. These beautifully crafted and finished sleeves come in 100-count packs, perfect for Commander and other Magic: The Gathering constructed formats, Pokemon, and other standard size trading cards. The backs are fully opaque thanks to ChromaFusion Technology™, and the sleeves themselves are highly durable for continued use.

Between tournaments and game nights, Ultra PRO’s Eclipse PRO-Binders are the perfect match to the best-selling Eclipse Deck Protector sleeves. Available in 2-pocket, 4-pocket, and 9-pocket sizes, these binders are also made in the same colors as their sleeve counterparts to make mix-and-matching easier and more beautiful. Each binder features a premium lining and side-loading pockets that prevent cards from accidentally falling out, Eclipse PRO-Binders are the perfect accessory for the collector on the go.


Eclipse Accessories | Ultra PRO International

When cards aren’t on display in a binder, they need protection in the form of a deck box, so it’s no wonder that the next featured product in the line is PRO 100+ Deck Box®. Each of these deck boxes features a self-locking lid for security and safety, and can hold 100 double-sleeved cards, making it perfect for your favorite Magic: The Gathering Commander deck, prized trading card collection, or Pokemon deck. And since it’s Eclipse, the exact same colors can be matched to your sleeves and binders.


Eclipse Accessories | Ultra PRO International

Eclipse 11-Dice Sets are the perfect addition to accessorize your set-up. This set features 4 six-sided dice, 2 ten-sided dice, 2 twenty-sided dice, and one each of a 4-sided, 8-sided, and 12-sided die. This array was chosen specifically to benefit those who play Dungeons & Dragons, with the 4 six-sided dice representing the most common way that players can roll for character stats (and also being half of a Fireball’s worth of damage), 2 ten-sided dice representing the ability to easily roll for percentile when grabbing random loot or determining an encounter, and the 2 twenty-sided dice allowing for players to always easily roll with Advantage in Fifth Edition D&D. Again, because it’s Eclipse, you can expect to find these in the same reliable 12 colors.


Eclipse Accessories | Ultra PRO International

The newest addition to the Eclipse roster is the 2-Piece Box. Once again featuring 12 wonderful color options, these translucent 2-piece boxes are sized for standard trading cards for MTG, Pokemon, and other collectible card games with the ability to hold 100 double-sleeved cards. In addition, these boxes are made with acid-free, non-PVC plastic and designed to  stack for easy organization.

Finally, while they are not officially part of the Eclipse line, we have aligned the color palette to fully match the rest of the Eclipse line of accessories. Whether used as an oversized mouse pad for a home or office, or as a battleground for competitive gaming, these mats are the industry standard for quality and make an excellent drawing surface if you’re the creative type!

The Eclipse line of products from Ultra PRO is the best of the best in products and accessories for your collectibles and games. Find your perfect combination today!