Pokémon Dream League Box Break protected by Ultra PRO


The National Sports Collectors Convention is about to come alive with an electrifying LIVE event featuring none other than Goat Breakers, as he opens the Pokémon Japanese Dream League Box on Thursday, 7/27 at 2pm CST! Here’s your chance to own the coveted Chase Card. 

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Presented in collaboration with DRIP, Ultra PRO, and CGC Cards, you can rest easy knowing that your pulls will be protected with the highest quality sleeves and toploaders® from Ultra PRO, ensuring they reach you in perfect condition. What's more, all the jaw-dropping pulls from the boxes will be professionally graded for FREE by CGC Cards and securely encapsulated before the end of The National. This means no additional waiting time and no additional cost for your graded hits.

The Pokémon Dream League Boost Box was released in Japan in 2019 and contains character rares, secret rares, and full art prints of Pokémon with a trainer. This box is highly coveted by collectors, players, and artists for its attention to detail, colors, and art.

Mark your calendars for this highly-anticipated event at The National, one of the largest collectors, dealers, and TCG events of the year on Thursday, 7/27, at 2pm CST. Don't miss out on this exclusive chance to snag Dream League Booster Packs at an unbeatable price, along with the added perk of having all your hits graded by CGC.

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Limited RSVPs available.

All pulls are protected by Ultra PRO Sleeves and Toploaders® and professionally graded for FREE by CGC cards. 

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