Fairy Prank - Shake, Listen & Guess!

Taking the role of the little fairy, one player will remove items from the treasure box and then the other players each shake the box and guess what is missing by listening to the sounds. After several rounds, the player who correctly guesses the same item three times or six different items at least once is the winner!



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Box Size: 4" x 5.5" x 2"

Case Qty: 6


- 1 Score Pad

- 1 Treasure Box

- 10 Items

- 13 Tokens including 2 Blank Tokens to customize

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how to Play Fairy Prank

Just select, hide, and guess! Whether you're young or mature, Fairy Prank is loads of fun for everyone from ages 8+. Have fun as a group shaking the box, guessing which items have been taken out and win points when you're right!

Select & Hide the items

Either take turns adding items to the box or place all 10 items inside and then take turns playing the mischiveous fairy by removing one or more items and hiding them.

Shake it up!

Take turns guessing which item was taken out by shaking the box. No box opening allowed! The person playing the fairy will tell you if you're correct or not.

Add it up!

You win a point if you correctly identify either an item that was taken out of the box or the items that are in the box. If you are wrong, the person playing the fairy gets the point. Choose wisely!

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What's in the box?

Fairy Prank is ready right out of the box. It comes with the objects to put in the box, tokens to track them, a score sheet and instructions. All these items come in a sturdy, beautifully designed box with a sliding top. Open the box and unveil the mischievous fairy inside you!


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