2021 Jersey Fusion All Sports BLASTER BOX Edition #68123

Each box comes with 1 Jersey Fusion card

Sale price$29.99 or 600 PRO Points


Each Jersey Fusion combines a customer archival acrylic insert featuring a swatch from the player featured in the accompanied original trading card. This fusion of the 2 gives new life to treasured cards of the past!

Each box (pack) contains one (1) Jersey Fusion card.

Jersey Fusion features the most transparent game jersey authentication in the hobby. Each card will feature a QR-Code that will allow you to view the entire jersey/worn item that your swatch was cut from as well as all authentication associated with the jersey. No other company offers this level of transparency.

Look for limited edition jersey fusion swatches, nameplates, league logos, team logos, sig swatches, master fusions, and more! In addition to those, look for rare rookie cards, short prints, inserts, parallels, autographed cards, and more!

These fusions are packed inside our unique JF box ensuring the ultimate protection for your valuable collectible. Both the card and swatch are housed together and sealed ensuring the authenticity hasn’t been tampered with.

Every Jersey Fusion includes a unique QR code that links you to the original jersey’s image and authentication. See the original history you hold in your hand!

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