Saitama Serious Mode Standard Gaming Playmat Mousepad for One-Punch Man

SKU: 85155

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Get into your serious mode with this new official One-Punch Man Saitama playmat from Ultra PRO! Measuring approximately 24" wide x 13.5" tall, this playmat is made with a premium fabric top for a smooth, protective playing surface. This playmat is also perfect for use at a computer workstation and works with most types of mouse devices. The back of the playmat is lined with non-slip, textured rubber material for added grip and padding.
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  • Official One-Punch Man playmat featuring Saitama in his serious model pose!
  • Smooth fabric top to protect your trading cards during game use
  • Also works great as an oversized mat at workstations and can be used with most mouse devices
  • Measures approximately 24" wide x 13.5" tall
  • Non-slip rubber backing prevents the mat from moving during use


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