Abacus Life Counter for Magic: The Gathering (Large)

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Up your game at your next Friday Night Magic session with this abacus-style life counter. Made with solid zinc alloy metal and finished in matte gold color, this life counter is sure to catch the eyes at your local friendly game store or gaming hall. The counter comes with two rows of counting beads, colored silver and gold to track the first and second digit. With 10 beads per row, you can quickly and easily count life points from 0 to 110. This design features all 5 Mana symbols on the front. The back of this life counter is silver in color.

  • Official Magic: The Gathering solid cast metal abacus-style life counter
  • Matte gold front featuring all 5 Mana symbols
  • Two rows of beads in silver on the top row and gold on the bottom
  • 10 beads per row allow you to track life totals from 0 to 110
  • Excellent style and conversation piece, perfect for your next Magic: The Gathering gaming session!


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