Jace, the Mind Sculptor CUB3 for Magic: The Gathering - Designed to hold your Cube

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The Magic CUB3™, designed for Cubing, features a unique 2-level storage design. Holds 900 standard double-sleeved gaming cards in Ultra•PRO PRO-Fit & Deck Protector sleeves. Compartment for dice, stones, and other accessories. Secure magnetic closure. 8½” x 8½” x 8½”  (215.9mm x 215.9mm x 215.9mm).

  • Storage unit designed for cubing, a casual Magic: The Gathering format
  • Features iconic Magic "Jace, the Mind Sculptor" images on top and side panels
  • Holds up to 900 double sleeved cards with an extra compartment for small accessories
  • Unique 2-level fold-out design
  • Dimensions are 8½” x 8½” x 8½”

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