Baseball & Card Clear Display Holder

SKU: 43013

Sale price$9.99 or 200 PRO Points


Put your favorite baseball player on display with Ultra PRO's clear baseball & card display stand. The left side holds one standard size baseball fully enclosed while the right has a recessed area to hold one standard size (2-1/2" X 3-1/2") trading card up to 35 points in thickness. This clear display is an excellent addition to your personal collection and blends in well in any color scheme or environment. The two-piece design is secured with 6 gold screws and made with non-PVC materials.

  • Clear display to hold one baseball and one standard size card in vertical format
  • Excellent addition to personal collections
  • 2-piece design fully encloses the baseball and the trading card
  • Secured with 6 gold screws
  • Non-PVC materials


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