6-Foot Standing Retail Display Rack

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Sale price$350 or 7000 PRO Points


UP your game with Ultra PRO’s Retail Display Rack! We know not all hobby retail stores are created equal, therefore, we focused on building flexibility and options into the design of this product. These displays offer the flexibility of a single-sided or double-sided display, and feature 4 locking wheels—making floor plan redesigns and cleaning much easier! Each display comes with 4 shelves and 60 hooks and is compatible with most standard Slatwall accessories. We also added a sneaky compartment up top to store spare hooks! The matte coated aluminum material is durable while remaining fairly lightweight. The base measures approximately 2 feet wide and is about 1.5 feet deep when displaying single-sided against a wall or fixture, or 2.5 feet when set up for double-sided display. 

Assembly required. Each display ships individually, and comes with the following components: top half Slatwall, bottom half Slatwall, single-sided base, double-sided base extension, 60 hooks, 4 shelves, 4 wheels, and 1 bag of nuts and bolts (4 long bolts with washers and nuts).

  • Flexibility for a single-sided or double-sided display
  • Approximately 6 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and 1.5 feet deep for a single-sided display or 2.5 feet deep for a double-sided display
  • Coated aluminum material is durable and lightweight
  • Includes 4 locking wheels, 4 shelves, and 60 hooks and is compatible with most standard Slatwall accessories
  • Assembly required. Shipped dimensions: 111 x 66 x 33 cm.

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